Thursday, 20 September 2012

How to Increase Your Internal Memory without Rooting

How to Increase Your Internal Memory without Rooting

Do not be very serious by looking at the the Head Line.I am going to tell you some simple basic steps to maintain your internal memory.

We daily uses many applications,games etc. For that those applications/game's garbages saved in to our internal memory.This is the reason that our internal memory daily increases and makes our phone slow.

So,in this post I am going to show you how to keep your phone memory clean with out rooting and without using any root require apps.

1. Go to Settings
2. Click on Applications
3. Click on Manage Applications.
4. One by one Open every                             Applications and -
Click on
       -Clear Data.
       -Clear Cache.

This simple steps will makes your memory clean.

"Clear Data" will makes your applications as you are installing them first time.
Means it will delete all your saved password,pages,bookmarks etc.

And for unroot users there is a must have application--

1-Click Cleaner Pro :-

1-click cleaner Pro cleans cache files, SMS,
browsing history, calling records and
SD card files to free more space for
your smartphone. Easy, quick, and
effective. No root permission required!
Good privacy guard.

Is your mobile phone’s running speed
becoming slower and slower? Are you
suffering from it?

Do you know why your mobile phone
is not as fast as before? Want to solve
the problem to let your mobile phone
run as fast as it could be?

The reason is that your mobile phone
is getting more and more cache files!
Cache files produced in Android
market, Brower, Email, Twitter,
Facebook and so on. What you need
to do is to remove those cache files to
get more available storage space to
speed up running speed.

1-click cleaner enables you:
1. One click to clear all cache
2. Uninstall application
3. Show application details
4. One click to clear data
5. Force stop running application
6. Support multiple languages: Korean
Japanese French German Italian
Spanish Russian English

What’s more: You can also clear SMS!

1.Delete SMS by all SMS, contact SMS,
or unknown SMS
2.One click to clear all SMS
3.Select specified message to delete

Download from Here

** NOTE **

Do Clear Data once a week and Clear Cache daily for good result.