Monday, 2 April 2012

Need For Speed Shift HD [ROOT] [Link Fixed 16/Aug/12]


 Hi every one I'm a new member of this blog and this is my first post....Hope you'll like my work.

Hey there today I'll be posting about installing NFS Shift on SGY.

Note: You need ROOT privilege..


Chainfire - Mediafire
Plugins - Mediafire
NFS Shift apk - Mediafire
NFS Shift DATA - Mediafire

Steps to Install:

1) Download and Install NFS Shift Apk
2) Download and Extract NFS Shift DATA somewhere in your PC. Now Copy the NFS Shift DATA to "Android/data/*Here*" in your SD Card.
Note: "Android/data" folder will be created when you install the NFS Shift Apk. So before copying files, First install the Game. And Do Not copy the folder, copy only the contents inside the DATA folder and paste.
3) Now Install and open Chainfire 3D, Click Install the CF3D driver (ONLY FOR THE FIRST TIME) then go 'Install plugins / shaders'  then install the three plug-ins named ", and" (these are the three plugins download it from the above link and move them to sd card).
4) Now in Chainfire 3D go to 'Default OpenGL settings' tick 'Reduce Texture Quality' and then go to 'Use plugin' (in open gl settings) and choose 'qualcomm'.

Remember when you'll start the race there will be a black screen just lock the phone and unlock and the game would be in the pause menu.Resume it and Enjoy.

Done no Graphical error!!!!!!!

If still don't understand just comment below.

And the screenshots looks to be stretched but game isn't like that it fits the screen perfectly and has HD graphics.
Runs with no lag.