Saturday, 11 February 2012

Adobe Flash Player v11 ARMv6 [Root]

Hello Everyone. Since i joined in some Galaxy Y Forums and Groups. I found one of the Hot topic is Adobe Flash Player. Everyone wants to see Youtube Videos or TV Shows or anyother Flash content in their Galaxy Y. Most of them were disappointed because they couldn't get the solution. After a long Research on Google. I found a solution for the Problem. Lets take a look at it.

Waring: This procedure only works on Rooted Device and in a Specific Browser.

Steps to Install

1) Download Adobe Flash Player v11.0.1.153 armv6 from here Download
2)Download UC Browser from here Download
3) Now Install Adobe Flash Player 11.
4) Install UC Browser. (Needed)
5) Restart the Phone. (Needed)
[Note: As far as me i personally tested. It is working on Default Browser and in UC Browser.]

That's all you Installed 100% working Adobe Flash Player.

Enjoy and Peace!!!!