Thursday, 13 December 2012

News for Readers, Authors, Testers and Uploaders

Hello everyone, I am the Admin of this blog... Here is the News for everyone, I had been busy on past days... That is why i couldn't concentrate on the blog and this blog has been In-Active for some months... But now i am back... So as this blog... I should apologize for you first... Because i saw so many unanswered comments in almost all posts... And i can't reply to all the unanswered comments now, because its nearly 100-200 unanswered comments... It's very difficult to answer everything... I have put some authors to post... But due to their busy schedule, they can't reply you too... So i'm very sorry for that... But i promise you that, it won't happen again... So stay updated... 

For Authors:

      Due to lack of authors in here, Can't post all the time... So post will be like two or three for a week... And if anyone interested to be an Author in this blog contact me at 
     Got anything to share with everyone... Be my blog's Author... I should thank these authors Paramdeep Singh Obheroi and Abdul Qaiyoum... They have been very supportive and keep my blog active... 

For Testers:

     I need testers to test new games which i gonna post in this blog... The testers must be active and enthusiast to check the games which i give them... I cant assure that all games gonna work... So they must be good to what they gonna do... A tester should download the game which i give, no matter how much is the size... He/She must test it and report back to me... That is all.. 
     I own only Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360... So the tutorials about Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos are not sure whether that will work... So I need tester who willing to test and report to me who have these devices...

For Uploaders:

     I desperately need some uploaders to upload the file which i give them... He/She must have a good connect speed and should active all the time, when they can... Because i have a limited data cap plan... So i cant upload all the files by my own... I have lots of games with a working patch... Due to limited data cap, I can't upload them all... So if you wanna be my uploader, then drop a mail...

I have keep this blog absolutly for noob friendly and annoying ads free... So any one can follow the tutorials or anything from this blog's posts... Now all i need is your support, thats all...

If you have any queries or be a part of my blog, drop a mail to or

Thanks, Stay Updated.. 

Enjoy and Peace!!!
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Samsung USB Drivers & Kies for Galaxy Y/Y Duos

Samsung USB
Drivers & Kies for Galaxy Y/Y Duos

A lot of Galaxy young users are facing problems
in connecting their phone to pc and facing error at the time of flashing stock rom via odin...

Here is the full proof solution to
this problem.

Just install the usb drivers or Kies file given in the link and have your phone connected to pc without any


USB Drivers-- Here

Kies-- Here

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro [root]

Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro [root]

Ever since the days ofExcitebike on
the NES andKikstart on the C64, the
act of riding a two-wheeled
deathtrap around a series of bumpy
tracks has held an intrinsic appeal
for gamers.

Key Features:

- Gesture based stunt system

- Full achievement system and

- 5 indoor and 5 outdoor tracks to

- Track layouts based on the 2011
Supercross season

- 2 modes of play: Practice and Online Multiplayer Matchup

- Select your appearance from a huge selections of bikes and riders

- Special characters you can purchase and race with

- Multiple camera views including first person with handle bars

- Select from multiple preset control schemes

- Responsive tilt steering interface

- Level up to upgrade your bike and

- Now supports the AppFinity
AppDrive from Spin Master!

The mixture of speed and skill set
this particular genre apart from
other racing games,, and more
recent hits such as Trials
HD and Trials Evolution prove that
the affection for this particular type
of racer shows no signs of fading.

Ricky Carmichael's Motocross
Matchup Pro boasts the same style
of play, so you're racing not only
against an skilled opponent, but
also the track itself. Undulating
surfaces abound, and just keeping
your bike upright can be a
challenge in itself. For every
massive jump in the air, there's a
moment of tense expectation as
you attempt to plant your wheels.

Download from Here

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Batman Clock Widget

Batman Clock Widget

One of the most stylish widget for Galaxy Y / Y Duos. Awesome and cool clock to show off.

With this Clock widget you will get--
+Bluetooth Shortcut
+Airplane mode shortcut
+Wifi shortcut etc.

Download it from Here

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The Avengers Icon Pack

Hello everyone, Im your admin. Here i am come up an awesome icon pack which is inspired by the The Avengers.
This icon pack is not a flashable one. Extract the icons and use any launcher to replace the icons.

Captain America






The Hulk



Iron Man



This is original thread link. Please thank him for this Awesome Icon Pack.


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Bomberman Game (No Root)


Now play the most played PC game in our Galaxy Y/Y Duos.

Simple 3d graphics,Nice bombing sound,Fine touch.

It is one of the game of intelligence.Your droid have to killed another intelligent droid by blusting bombs.The more you break the walls the more secret thing you can get.
So why you waiting for?

Download from Here

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