Thursday, 20 September 2012

All Google Play Store/Market problems solved for Galaxy Y / Y Duos

All Google Play Store/Market
problems solved for Galaxy Y / Y Duos

Google Play Store is a bigger market for Android users.It has more than 500000+ apps and the apps are categorized
in an easy-to-use way.But many of users come across with at
least one of the following problems:

1. Download doesn't start.
2. The app is too slow.
3. All apps are not listed.
4. Apps which work fine on your
device are listed as incompatible.
5. Apps don't appear in your device due to country restrictions.
6. Market is not updating.

So I write down some helpfull solutions for these problems

Solution 1.

Go to ==
»» Settings
»» Applications
»» Manage Applications,
»» Click on the "All" tab
»» find Play Store or Market.
»» Press the Clear Cache button and open Play store,
»» If your problem is still not resolved, repeat the above steps and select
»» The clear data option.

This solution will solve the problem.

Solution 2.

If you notice that
problems started creeping up since
the Play Store app last updated
itself, then

»» Find Play store in manage applications as you did in above
stop and then

»» Click on the "Uninstall
Updates" option.

After uninstalling updates
it will atomatickly update again,
so that will solve the problem.

Solution 3.

If all apps are not listed
in the Play Store, even some as
common as Opera Mini/Angry Bird , then it might be that your
phone is running on a weird LCD

«» Clear Data of Play Store as explained in Solution 1.

»» Change that to MDPI 160 for now
using LCD Density Modder

»» Reboot your device.

»»Go to market and
accept terms when

»»Change the LCD
density again to the
default value or any
new value you like

»»Reboot the

This solution should fixed the problem.

Solution 4.

If some apps are not
showing up on your device due to
country restrictions, then use

»» Market enabler to enable all those apps.

Read the instructions and do step by step.You will get success.