Thursday, 30 August 2012

What to do when yourphone gets wet?

What to do when your
phone gets wet?

Try this tips when the mobile get

1.First thing remove the battery as
soon as possible from mobile.
[Cause the power gets stopped and
thus does not affect the circuit and
board inside the mobile]

2.Dont forget to remove your sim
from the mobile unit.
[contains useful numbers]

3.Remove the panel and make the
phone to dry for 2-3 hours .
[ Use a paper as it helps to dry

4. Place your mobile in bowl
containing rice [uncooked]  16-18
[As this helps to dry out] your mobile in a plastic
pouch with silica
[comes with almost all electronic
goods, as it sucks the water]
Note-Don't use any sort of hair
dryers / hot objects as these may
lead to damage in the board/battery
may explode.

Try to reach your mobile service
provide if warranty includes any
water damage then u get a

Hope the above things works for