Thursday, 30 August 2012

Want to find yourandroid phone when itsin silent mode?

Want to find your
android phone when its
in silent mode?

Not able to locate your android
phone and the phone is set in silent
or vibration mode.

No more worries!

Here comes the app-
Which enables you to change your
profile settings into ringer or vice
verse through sending an sms.

Not only it can enable/disable your
profile settings. It either can trace
your android phone through sms

The data which could be fetched
1) Contacts (Fetching contact number
from your Address book)
2) Call Logs (Checking Missed Calls/
Received Calls/Dialed Numbers)
3) IMEI Number
4) Phone Profile (Changing profile
mode to Ringer or Silent)
5) SIM Number (Retriving SIM
6) SMS logs (Checking SMS's received
on your phone)

How it works:-

Example – 1
You reach your office and realise you have forgotten your phone at your home. Need to urgently call a client whose phone number you don’t remember Not a problem, with Agastya on your
phone- you can easily access and
retrieve the address book of your
phone remotely by sending a simple sms command to your phone number from your colleagues/friends
cell. Our app will take the effort to find your client’s number and SMS it back to you on your colleague’s number.

Example - 2
When your in class and phone is
silent mode and you forget where u
kept your mobile
here comes the simple trick.

1.Install app called agastya (via Market)

2.Sending an command sms from
any device[Eg- Nokia device] will turn
on your phone into ringer mode.
Cheers to the intelligent app -