Monday, 16 April 2012

NOVA HD [Root] [Link Fixed 14/Jul/12]

NOVA HD for Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos...

Hi everyone today I'll post about installing NOVA HD on Galaxy y requested by friend sahil.

ROOT and Chainfire 3D needed. (download chainfire and its plugins from chainfire and plugins)

 Okay first download D apk from This link

and D data from This link.

now paste the data anywere in sd card and xtract the data to android/gameloft/games/*HERE*.

install d the apk but dont open it

now open chainfire 3D and go to default open GL settings and tick on reduce texture quality and then go to use plugins and choose qualcomm.

now theres a error in level 3 that you cant pass out that virus mission and you get locked in a room

To fix it-
1) Download and Install Root Explorer (Needs rooting) - LINK
2) Download this file Save Data here - LINK
3) Extract file and copy to SD card
4) Use Root Explorer (Allow) to copy <> in Save data, and go back to home, copy it into /data/data/ and replace the file 
5) Open NOVA and select level select easy, and select the level that you want to play, you can start your game at Level 4, Fall in paradise.
6) With this you fix the game.

Now enjoy!!!!!!