Thursday, 19 April 2012

Best Alternatives for Instagram

Since the Launch of Instagram for Android... Its been talking all over the Internet... I know its ONE of the best Photo Sharing App... But its not the THE BEST... Why people so crazed about Instagram??? Because Facebook took it over???? I really don't know why... I am one of the active user of Samsung Galaxy Y Facebook pages... On average out of 10 questions from the FB page, 5-6 questions about Instagram... Why its not working properly on my Galaxy Young??? Its not Installing, What should i do??? and blah blah blah...  Here are the BEST ALTERNATIVES TO KICK INSTAGRAM out of the internet... These Apps aren't popular like Instagram, Because it was developed and maintained by Individual... And Lack of Advertisement... Lets go for the list...

1) PicPlz

PicPlz has actually been around longer than Instagram, and it's one of the BEST. Like Instagram, PicPlz offers photo filters and frames that you can easily apply with a couple of taps. You can also turn your image into a meme, draw on it, crop, rotate, and perform a few other actions you won't find in Instagram's app. You won't have some of the neat filters like Tilt Shift, but you do have pretty much the same sharing options. If you want an alternative that offers much of the same functionality, PicPlz is a good way to go.

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2) Pixlr-o-matic

If you love adding borders and filters to your photos, playing with the colors, or adding sepia tone to make them look like old-timey snapshots or 60s-era polaroids, Pixlr-O-Matic is the app for you. The real focus of Pixlr-O-Matic is the filters, the borders, the tweaks, and all of the changes you can make to your photos. In the end, you get over 2 million different permutations and options to make your photos look just right before you save the finished product to your camera roll or gallery and then share it with your friends.

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3) Lightbox Photos

It is pretty sharp, sports a ton of photo filters, and is really snappy and responsive, and you have the ability to set your photos as public, private, or unlisted so only the people you choose can see them, whether they're members of the service or not. One tap also posts your images to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, FourSquare, and more. Perhaps best of all, if you prefer a different camera app than your phone's stock one, Lightbox Photos will let you take your photos with your preferred tool.

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4) Streamzoo

It is better alternative to Instagram, partially because of the way it turns editing and sharing your photos into more of a social game that's addictive to play. You can earn badges - much like FourSquare - for sharing photos, adding effects and borders, or even for taking pictures of specific subjects, like your dog or your dinner. Whether you encourage the behavior or not, StreamZoo is a pretty addictive app to use. The app supports 14 different filters, 15 photo borders. You even get the missing from Instagram tilt-shift option for your shots, in rectangular, elliptical, circular, and parallel varieties. Finally, you can also edit your photos crop them, rotate them, edit the contrast or color balance, whatever you choose.

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The above showed Apps are Best alternatives or even Better than Instagram... The Apps are way better in more features... Surprisingly these Apps are not so famous as Instagram, Because these are Developed and Maintained by Individual or a Small Group of peoples... In my opinion These Apps are really better than Instagram... And its Supports for Samsung Galaxy Y... Give it a try and Try Donating the Developer to get more features...

Enjoy Unlimited photo Sharing without any worries...