Friday, 9 March 2012

How to change Boot Animation? [Tutorial] [Root]

One of the best feature in Android is you can customise your Droid according to your Taste. In this Tutorial im Gonna tell you how to change The Custom Boot Animation instead of Boring Stock Boot Animation. First of all you must select Which ROM are you using now.

Note: This Process needs Root Access. Want to know How to Root Galaxy Y? Click Here for the Tutorial.

First of all you must select Which ROM are you using now.

1) Stock ROM,
2) Any of Custom ROMS,

How to Change Boot Animation in Stock ROM?


1) Root Explorer - Download Here
2) Settings to Enable Custom Boot Animation - Download Here


1) Extract the Downloaded File which is named as ''. The Extracted Zip has Two Files namely 'bootanimation' and 'samsungani'.
2) Now copy these files to your SDCard.
3) Using Root Explorer move those two Files to 'system/bin/'.

If you don't know how to move the files in Root Explorer, Follow the below steps.
    3.1) Now openup your Root Explorer and this is what you see

    3.2) Now Scroll Down the page until you see a folder name called 'sdcard'. if you see it, Tap it to open up the folder.

    3.3) Now Scroll Down and find these files 'bootanimation' and 'samsungani' where you copied in SDCard. To Multi Select the Files, Tap the Menu button and click Multi-Select option.

    3.4) Now Select those two files and copy it.


    3.5) Now Scroll Up and Tap the '...' (Parent Folder).

    3.6) Now go to 'system' folder

    3.7) Go to 'bin' folder,

    3.8) If you notice here the file system is 'r/o' (Read Only) permission. So we can't paste or copy any files in 'system' folder when it is in r/o permission. So Tap the 'Mount R/W' button just near the 'r/o'. If you do it Correctly the file system is now 'r/w' (Read Write) permission.


    3.9) Now Paste the copied files here.

4) Now using Root Explorer copy the Custom Boot Animation file to 'system/media'.
5) That's it you're done. Now Reboot your Device and see whats happen.

For Galaxy Y Custom Boot Animations Go Here

How to Change Boot Animation in Custom ROMs?


1) Root Explorer - Download Here


In Custom ROMs you don't need to copy settings in 'system/bin' folder. These settings were already present in  Custom ROMs. So follow the below Steps to Accomplish the task.

1) Using Root Explorer move the Boot animation files to 'system/media' folder.
2) Thats it you're done. Reboot now and see the magic.

Note: If the above process is not successful in Custom ROMs. Please follow the steps which i given for Stock ROM. Because i tested this in Creed's ROM and it was successful. And i don't know about other ROMs.

For Galaxy Y Custom Boot Animations Go Here

Enjoy and Peace!!!!