Saturday, 8 September 2012

Titanium Backup + PRO Key (Root) Link Fixed 17 sep

Titanium Backup + PRO Key  (Root)

Titanium Backup is the most
powerful backup tool on Android,
and then some.
You can backup, restore, freeze
(with Pro) your apps + data +
Market links. This includes all
protected apps & system apps, plus
external data on your SD card. You
can do 0-click batch & scheduled
backups. Backups will operate
without closing any apps (with Pro).
You can move any app (or app data)
to/from the SD card. You can
browse any app's data and even
query the Market to see detailed
information about the app.

More Titanium power with Pro: Apps freezer,
multi backups, 0-click restore and WAY
MORE!· Your PRO Key for Titanium
• Voted #1 TOP ROOT APP on Twitter.
• Check out the Pro DEMO VIDEO
• No icon! Requires the Titanium
Backup (free) app (see "More"
section below). This key will turn it
into PRO.
• The same key can be used on
several devices!
• For download issues & support:
read below.

Support & Upgrades:
• All upgrades are FREE.
• If Market won't download your PRO
key: although credit card authorization
*usually* occurs instantly, in rare
cases it may need up to a few hours
to complete. Try the Web version of
Play Store. If problem persists, login at to cancel your
order & try again.
• If your PRO key got installed before
the purchase completed or otherwise
won't work, please un-install &
reinstall your PRO key to resolve the
• We aren't responsible for any
currency conversion fees charged by
credit card issuers.

Download it from Here