Wednesday, 29 August 2012

SD-Booster (ROOT)

SD-Booster (ROOT)

SD-Booster speeds up your
external and internal SD-Card(s)
(external and internal memory)
up to 40 times! Enjoy a new
feeling of speed on your Android
smartphone anytime and
everywhere you are.
Starting apps, listing to your
favorite music or just swapping
data with your PC ? Whatever
you do, the SD-Booster improve
your phone speed!
SD-Booster needs root
permission to run, otherwise SD-
Booster can't do anything!

-MMC detection framework to support
any SD-Card
-Speedup every external and internal
-Set on Boot
-Color based suggestion terms of
current cache size

PLEASE don't move SD-Booster to
your SD-Card, otherwise SD-Booster
doesn't work on boot!

Download from- "Android Market"

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