Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to use your Phone as WebCam? [Tutorial]

Hello Everyone! In this tutorial I'm Gonna show you, How you can use your Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy Y Series Phones or anyother phone) as a WebCam for your Windows powered PC or Laptop... For now this tutorial can be used only for the Windows Users...

Note: In this tutorial, i showed you how you can use your Phone as WebCam through USB Cable... You can use it in some other ways like WIFI or Bluetooth... To know about Bluetooth or WIFI method Go Here


1) DroidCam (Windows)

2) DroidCam Wireless Webcam APK - Download

Steps to Install

  1. Download and Install DroidCam.3.5.exe in Windows PC or Laptop.
  2. Download and Install DroidCam Wireless Webcam APK on your Phone.
  3. Now connect your phone to PC using USB Cable (Make sure you already installed Samsung Kies or Samsung USB Drivers in your PC).
  4. Now lauch the DroidCam windows application from Start Menu, you will see this
  5. Launch the DroidCam Application in your phone and Click "Connect to Phone (USB)" in Windows application.
  6. After that, your Phone IP field box on right side of the app will turn to unclickable box (turns to Grey color) (It means that your USB cable configuration is successful)
  7. Now hit "Connect" in Windows application, wait for few seconds and now you will see that DroidCam app launches its default Camera app on your phone...
  8. Thats it... Now you're connected, place your phone somewhere comfortable to show your face... and Enjoy the Caming!!!