Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to Run AndroidApps in Computer

How to Run Android
Apps in Computer

Yes now it is possible.

The success of Android operating
system is gradually depend upon
the apps they are running. Android
Market has really very cool and
handy Apps which are daily used by
millions of people. As the popularity
of Smartphone’s and tablets
increases, so the uses and
dependencies is on the apps
available for them. Whether the App
is a hot game, a handy price
checker, or a useful contact
manager, the constraints of
Smartphone and tablet designs and
interfaces have forced app
developers to find creative ways to
present and access data. But
unfortunately, most apps created for
Smartphone’s or tablets aren't
available for use on a PC. But here is
the solution; there is a one company
called BlueStacks in California who
releases the Alpha version of app
player which is the software or what
we say an emulator for the Android
Apps. The BlueStacks app player
essentially runs an instance of
Android in a virtualized environment
on the PC, so the apps act as
though they're running on a mobile
device. So follow the steps below to
run the Android Apps in Pc.
Download BlueStacks and Install

Step1: To use the BlueStacks app
player, you must first download it
from the BlueStacks website .

Step2: Installer is light weight
around 3 MB and it downloads in
snap. Just follow the instructions
and it install’s in little moment.
Keep in mind that the BlueStacks
app player is still in the early phases
of development, so you can expect
some minor performance issues and
perhaps a bug or two.
When the installation is complete,
you'll see a short video describing
how the BlueStacks app player
works and how you can access a
few key features, Just skip it.
How It use?
To use BlueStacks and to transfer
the android apps from your
computer. You’ll have to register for
a free BlueStacks account with either
a working email address or a
Facebook account. The main allure
of the BlueStacks app player is its
ability to send apps from your
Android device to your PC via the
company's Cloud Connect mobile
app and servers.
When you register an e-mail
address or Facebook account with
the BlueStacks app player, the
service will link a personal
identification number (PIN) to your
email account. To transfer apps
from your Android device, launch
the Android Market on your Android
tablet or Smartphone, and search
for BlueStacks Cloud Connect .
Download and install the Cloud
Connect app on your phone or
tablet; don't worry-- it's only 402KB .
With that app in place, you can send
any other app that's installed on
your mobile device to the BlueStacks
app player on your PC. Essentially,
the Cloud Connect app uploads
selected apps from your phone to
BlueStacks' servers, where you’re PC
can then access and download
them to your PC.
To use BlueStacks Cloud Connect,
simply launch the BlueStacks and
select the Android apps on your
device that you'd like to upload for
transfer to your PC. Then click
the Sync button at the top of the
interface, and wait for the apps to
upload (all of thae apps installed on
the mobile device will be listed). The
uploaded apps should be visible in
the BlueStacks app player on your
PC when you launch the 'Get More
Apps' tool.

Once your apps are uploaded and
the app player has notified you that
they're available, select Get More
Apps from your BlueStacks app
player's PC client and click the Cloud
Connect link. From there, a screen
should pop up that lists all of the
apps you uploaded from your
mobile device.

Click the Subscribe
button underneath each app, and
you should be able to run your
favorite Android apps from the app
player on your PC.
Here what I am running. Hope you
like the post and enjoy the Android
apps on your computer.

Download Bluestack