Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to Partition Memory Card in Android (Galaxy Y/Y Duos) And Use the SD Card as Your Internal Memory. (ROOT)

How to Partition Memory Card in Android (Galaxy Y/Y Duos) And Use the SD Card as Your Internal Memory. (ROOT)

This is a process by which you can use your sd card's memory as your internal memory

Root is required for this process and remember it will format your sd card so keep a backup your sd card.
First download two files- Link(After downloading it do not put it in any folder. Just put it in the sd card)
2.LINK2sd. (You can install it from market)Link
Now install LINK2sd but do not open it.
1.Switch Off your phone.
2..Go to recovery mode (By pressing POWER BUTTON+HOME BUTTON+VOLUME UP KEY in the same time)
In recovery mode to select anything press Home Button and for scroll up and scroll down use Volume up and down Key.
3.Now select Apply update from sd card.
4.Then select
Now you are in ClockworkMod recovery.
5.Select Advance option.
6.Select Partition sd card.
7.Now select any of the mb which you want to add to in your internal memory.128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M, 4096M (M means M.B (mega byte))
8.Now select 0M. Now It is partitioning sd card and it might take 3-5 minutes.
8.After that select Reboot Recovery.
9.Select Reboot system now.
                     Your sd card's partition is sucessfully created.
10.Open LINK2sd.
       Now a window will pop up
11.Now select ext3 (If any window will not pop up then press the menu button which is the left side button of your home button.....then select-- more---recreate mount script and select ext3 and select ok )
12.Now reboot your system.
                            Now it is the time to move your apps to sd card
13.Open LINK2sd.
14.Now select any app.
15.Select create link.
16.Tick on all the three option.
                                Link application file
                                Link dalvik-cache file
                                Link library files
17.Select ok.
                Now under that application it will show Linked->SD Card

In this way move your all applisctions to your SD card (internal memory)

We are not responsible for any kind of damage of your phone.