Thursday, 30 August 2012

How to change Google account ?

How to change Google
account ?

There are quite a lot of reasons
to change or delete Google
Account on your Samsung
Galaxy Young Duos. For
example if you forget your
Account Password, you buy
used Android device and the
Google Account is belong to
previous owner, or you just
simply want to change it.
Whatever the reason, this time I
will give you a tutorial how to
change Gmail account.

There is two way to change the Google Account.
1. Factory Reset .
2. Delete accounts.db file .

Method # 1: Factory Reset

What is Android Factory Reset/
Hard Reset?

Factory reset or hard reset is a
method to make your gadget
software back to standard or
like-new condition out of the
box. It will erase all data and
applications installed in your
phone, include Gmail account
integrated with the device. It's
needed backup all important
data, files and applications,
before hard reset.

The Steps:
1. Go to the main screen by
pessing HOME button

2. Press the MENU button >
click on Settings > Privacy >
Factory data reset

3. Wait a while until the
process is complete
factory reset usually can resolve
all problems that caused by
software error.

For example, if
there is one of your default
application error, unable to start
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or if your
phone performance is slow or
full of lag etc.

Method # 2: how to change
Google account without hard
reset: Delete accounts.db file

This method only for Rooted
You need "Root explorer", and
this is the steps for this method:

1. Open the “data/system” with
root explorer

2. Find the “accounts.db” file >
delete the file

3. Restart your phone

Do With Your Own risk