Thursday, 23 August 2012

Guide for How to Fix SD Card Automatic Removable Problem

Guide for How to Fix SD Card Automatic Removable Problem

It is very unfortunate that some of the users are having issue with the last firmware release of Gingerbread 2.3.6 . We have already reported the bugs which users are getting to the Samsung Electronics and we were told that the same will be fixed in the coming versions. So, now to fix the SD Card issues, you need not install any new firmware for the same but you need to follow a simple tip so as to fix it.

Tip: Backup all the data of your SD card in your computer.

Procedure to Fix SD Card Issue on Samsung Galaxy Y Android Phone:

First up, you need to backup all you data which is there in the SD Card as the data stored in the SD Card will be lost.
So, once the backup is done, you need to format all the data in the “FAT 32” file system and then you need to insert the same in your phone.
So, in this way, the issues are successfully fixed the issue of the SD Card not detecting after applying this update.

Please note that just in case if you have proceeded to format the card without taking the backup then, the data will be erased which cannot be recovered back.