Thursday, 30 August 2012

Auto Call Recorder Pro v3.04 [Link Fixed 22th Sept]

Auto Call Recorder Pro 3.04 has been
released for Android Devices. Auto
Call Recorder Pro is a must
have utility that can record your calls.
Auto Call Recorder Pro is ad free pro
version you can automatically save
calls from a contact and add
comment to a recorded call. You can
also stop a recording in progress or
start recording when a call is in
progress. Record all desired calls on
your phone.Select which calls to

Auto call recorder also supports wav ,
ANR, 3gp formats.
Recording on an external sd card or
any location desired is also possible.

The audio source is now configurable.
For playing the 3gp format you can
use the "MX Video Player".
If you have a problem with the
recording, please try to record with a
different audio source,
which you can configure in the
settings tab.
Try to record with speaker on or off ,
until you find the best combination
for your phone.
For example you can try Audio Source
-> Voice UpLink and speaker off.

Download it from Here