Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Xperia HD ROM for Galaxy Young

I gotta admit first that this is not exactly like Xperia with the blue theme. Just a bit similar.
Kudos to the developer.


  1. Launcher modded from the real xperia stock ROM
  2. Bravia Engine
  3. Xloud beats audio and Walkman app
  4. All the features of CM7
  5. New app drawer transition
  6. New (Original) boot animation fro sony xperia
  7. Scripts Added for better xperience

Please make sure you don't have repencis rom on your device before installing it. Its better to have a stock rom or some other custom roms , just install the rom boot it and then install the update patch ,
the update patch is a test patch to solve wifi ,internet, 
performance and graphics issues