Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Titanium Backup [Root] [A Complete Guide] [Tutorial]

Since i joined in Android family, i was hearing this "Backup your apps with Titanium Backup"... And i must admit it, at first i thought myself that "What the Heck is Titanium backup anyway?? and how can i take apps backup through it?? and what's special in Titanium backup than others??" Later i found that this App is Best in standard... It is the best... 

What is Titanium Backup?

Titanium Backup is an Ultimate app which is used to Backup your Entire Android phone, then Restore the Backup data... UnInstall the System apps and bloatware... And so much to do with it...


  1. Backup
  2. Restore
  3. Move/Integrate
  4. Freeze/Defrost
  5. Manipulate
  6. Un-Install

Features Explained

  1. Backup - Backup all System and User Apps with settings and Data of Apps
  2.    - Backup all user apps
       - Backup all system data
       - Backup all user apps + system data
       - Backup new user apps and newer versions
       - Backup new user apps + system apps and Newer apps
  3. Restore - Restore the Backup apps
  4.    - Restore missing apps with data
       - Restore all system data
       - Restore missing apps + all system data
       - Restore newer versions of user apps
       - Restore all apps with data
  5. Move/Integrate - Move/Integrate All apps to SD Card
  6.    - Move user apps to SD Card
       - Move user apps to internal memory
       - Integrate updates of system apps into ROM
  7. Freeze/Defrost - Freeze/Defrost all running apps
  8.    - Freeze all user and system apps
       - Defrost all user and system apps
       - Power defrost all user and system apps
  9. Manipulate - Clear cache and Wipe data of all System and User apps
  10.    - Clear cache for user and system apps
       - Wipe data for user and system apps
  11. Un-Install - Un-Install any System and User apps without any problem
  12.    - Un-Install backed up user apps
       - Un-Install non backed up user apps
       - Un-Install all user apps
       - Un-Install all user and system apps
*Note: All the sub features are self explanatory...


How to Backup of your Apps?

This is the opening screen when you launch the Titanium backup
Tap the menu and click on "Batch"...
Click on whichever feature you want, Backup user apps or Backup system apps... For this tutorial i choose "Backup user apps"
Now this is the screen which you see when you launch "Backup all user apps"... You will see four options in here 1) Run, 2) Select all, 3) Deselect all and 4) Invert selection... Now select which apps you want to backup or select all apps to backup... After selection, tap "Run"..
Backing up the apps...
Confirmation message for backed up apps on notification bar...
Thats all you have successfully backup the apps... This process is same for other options like Restore, Manipulate and Un-Install the user apps and system apps...

Note: The backed up apps are stored in the folder "TitaniumBackup" in SD Card... If you want to copy it to somewhere i suggest you to copy the whole folder...

If you have any doubts about Titanium Backup, drop a comment... I will try to help asap...

Warning: For all blog authors... If you wish to put this tutorial on your blog, ifs free to copy under Creative Commons Attribute... Without a proper credit, the post which you copy from here is condemned...

Enjoy and Peace!!!