Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hero of Sparta HD [Root] [Link Updated]

Hero of Sparta HD for Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos...

Hero of Sparta consists of 8 levels where the player controls a Spartan king wielding a sword and fighting various mythical beasts. The Spartan collects "orbs" from his fallen enemies, green orbs for health, blue for magical energy, and red for experience which can be used to upgrade his weapons' damage and special powers. When upgraded to full damage, weapons take on a new "ultimate" form. When certain enemies are weakened, the player may perform a finishing move on them, executed by tapping a series of buttons that appear on-screen. This will kill the enemy and grant the player more orbs than a regular elimination.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Gameloft
Root: Needed [Rooting guide for Galaxy Y or Galaxy Y Duos]



  1. Hero of Sparta HD APK - Download
  2. Hero of Sparta HD DATA - Download
  3. Chainfire3D - Download
  4. Chainfire3D Plugins - Download

Steps to Install:

  1. Download and install Chainfire3D and its Plugins...
  2. Select 'QUALCOMM' in 'Open GL Settings' and tick 'Reduce Texture Quality'.
  3. Now Download and Install Hero of Sparta HD APK.
  4. Download and Extract Hero of Sparta HD DATA folder 'hos' to 'SDCard/gameloft/games/*HERE*'
  5. Now Launch the Application and Play
  6. Enjoy the Game!!!
Enjoy and Peace!!!!