Saturday, 7 April 2012

Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front HD [Root] [Link Fixed 11/Aug/12]

Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front HD for Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Y Pro and Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos...

Hi everyone this time I'll show you how to download Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front for Galaxy y. Its a very nice FPS game.

First You need root and chainfire for it.  You can get chainfire from: This Link   and its Plug-ins from This Link

NOW download the apk file from This Link. (Link Updated)

Then the DATA from This Link.  (Link Updated)

Xtract the data to Gameloft/games/*HERE*

Then install the apk file

Now open Chainfire3D then go to openGLsettings and tick on 'Reduce Texture Quality' and then go to 'use plug-ins' and choose 'Qualcomm'.


Its a bit laggy in the starting levels but this game is really wroth of playing.